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Description: We're the leading medical tourism agency in the Czech Republic and provide medical services for assisted reproduction, plastic surgery, weight loss procedures, vision correction and dental care. We are based in the magical city of Prague. Even at the affordable prices we offer, we cooperate with top-of-the line medical clinics in the Czech Republic, with the most experienced specialists in their fields. The standard of Czech medicine is top quality because of the renowned high standard of medical education. And because of our prolonged cooperation with these internationally recognized clinics, we can offer you even better prices than if you go to the clinic directly! Save more with us and rest-assured that you are receiving treatment from only the best clinics and specialists in the Czech Republic. We offer additional services at no cost and special packages for all of our clients including: - Airport pickup - A representative to go with you for the first meeting at the clinic - 24-hour assistance in Prague - Online consultation - Accommodation - Travel packages - Sightseeing opportunities - We contract with only the most modern clinics in Prague - We offer great prices - We provide a full range of services at no additional cost - Our team consists of top specialists We are happy to help you and find the best medical services for your needs. Feel free to contact us.

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  • Marcus Santini November 14, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Czech is a great place for IVF and Egg Donation,

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